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Happiness Factory presents...

#EatHappy Brunch

6 November 2021
The Sheung Wan by Ovolo

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An #EatHappy brunch inspired by Veda's signature cuisines, brought to you by the teams at Happiness Factory & Ovolo Hotels

 This event has now ended. 

Cooking and Mixology Masterclass followed by a selection of 9 dishes shared family-style

Ever wondered just what your body really needs when it comes to nutrition? At our recent Eat Happy event, we looked into the science of what you should be feeding your gut, courtesy of Ovolo's Executive Head Chef & Happiness Factory's Founder. A hands-on masterclass was led by Chef Raul to truly understand the why behind good food choices, and give guests the knowleddge to create Veda-esque dishes from the comfort of their own home. We also had Ovolo's award-winning mixologist with us to show guests how to put a spin on classic cocktails to make even their favourite tipples a gut-friendly option!


With an emphasis on the colours of the rainbow, we focused on the importance of feeding our gut with pre- & pro-biotic foods, as well as removing any foods which can cause digestive stress.

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#EatHappy the Veda Way: Cooking Masterclass with Chef Raul Tronco and Joyce Au-Yeung

Originally from Madrid, Raul brings experience from Spain, the USA, Latin America and the Caribbean to his role at Ovolo. From Head Chef at one of Madrid's two-Michelin starred restaurants to running a culinary team of 120 in Jamaica - where he transitioned to a fully vegetarian lifestyle for its mind, body and spirit revitalising benefits - he relocated to Hong Kong in 2018.

He continues to create menus that goes beyond the usual vegetarian offerings, by partnering natural produce with the big flavours of his childhood.

Mixology Masterclass with Art Fatkullin

Hailing from Saint-Petersburg, Art began his career as a tea-sommelier before becoming a master in mixology whilst working across Russia and Asia. Having studied at the International Bartenders Association, he went on to win the World Cocktail Championship in 2018. He has since won the Black Cow Cup 2019, Diageo World Class Hong Kong & Macau Bartender of the year 2021, and was featured in Bacardi Legacy Hong Kong top 20.


Facilitated by:

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Joyce Au-Yeung
Founder, Happiness FActory

With thanks to our collaborators:

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