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Joyce Au-Yeung


Joyce is a corporate health & wellness leader and entrepreneur with a deep passion for holistic health. Over the last decade, she has led the development and implementation of health businesses and wellness strategies for a number of global insurance companies across Asia-Pacific. Through that, she has had the privilege of working with top medical professionals and healthcare thought leaders around the world, and learning about the latest, credible medical technology and wellness tools. 

At the same time, Joyce has witnessed vast pain-points in the health journeys of people today. Healthcare is often delivered in a fragmented and opaque fashion. Information is asymmetric between healthcare professionals and individuals. Getting access to a holistic snapshot of our individual health status is often very cumbersome, causing waste in both time and money. 

Inspired by the knowledge of the multitude of healthcare experts who have crossed her path and the stories and changing demands of her insurance customers, Joyce founded Happiness Factory. She wants to help people to Eat Happy, Move Happy, Sleep Happy and Feel Happy. She wants to bring together like-minded people and best-in-class experts and partners to share their happiness journeys (Happy Together). 

Professionally, Joyce is a trained actuary and lawyer. She loves to continuously further her knowledge in Functional Medicine, body movement and brain health by completing a number of international certified training programs. 

In her free time, you will see Joyce working out with her favourite trainers in Hong Kong, dabbling in pilates, yoga, Thai Boxing, strength training or hanging upside-down practicing aerial yoga and aerial dance. She tries to balance it all with some breathwork and meditation. An avid foodie and wine lover (and amateur sommelier + barista), Joyce loves trying out the best restaurants around the world and creating healthy meals for her friends at home. 


Dr Steve Tucker (Medical Advisor, Functional Medicine Expert)

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Dr Tucker is a medical specialist living and practicing in Singapore since 2006. He is a long-time, dedicated advocate of precision health and personalized medicine Originally trained as a breast cancer specialist at the UCLA Center for Health Sciences, Dr Tucker’s global medical practice focuses on performance, wellness, and the prevention and treatment of diseases, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. A leader in digital health innovation, he advocates integrating information from multiple sources, such as personal genomics; social media; metabolic assessments; advanced imaging; and wearable activity trackers so patients can develop their own personalised health and wellness programs. Such programs not only reverse disease but contribute significantly to the increase of health span and longevity.

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