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Happiness Factory is built on four pillars of health and wellbeing: Eat Happy, Move Happy, Sleep Happy and Feel Happy, reflecting just how fundamental nutrition, movement, sleep and emotions are in our everyday lives. Combining the expertise of top practitioners in the field of wellbeing, we have the ability to sustain and enhance our daily happiness through focusing on different aspects of each of these pillars. 


The Happiness Factory Community brings together like-minded individuals and experts across the world to embark upon and share their own happiness journeys.


Sleep Happy

Did you know that we spend around one third of our lifetime asleep? We seem to know that sleep is important, but do we really know why


As the fundamental pillar of physical and mental wellbeing, sleep is crucial when it comes to an optimally functioning body and brain. It’s the only time we can truly rest and repair; be it muscle recovery, a digestive system reset, or the brain clearing out any unnecessary information - none of these can take place without the sweet hours of slumber. If we are consistently sleep deprived, we are more likely to make poor decisions, crave unhealthy foods, have less energy, and generally have a much less positive outlook. Our social relationships may suffer and we may even bring on chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart conditions. 


A good night’s sleep contributes to multiple health benefits, including boosted immunity, increased fertility, less chance of weight gain, higher sex drive and improved mental wellbeing, to name a few! Happiness Factory will utilise science-backed information alongside biometric data and modern technology to boost these health benefits as well as establish the root cause of any possible sleep issues.

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Eat Happy

Just as we are each born with our very own unique DNA, we each have our very own unique gut microbiome. Meaning, the bacteria that lives in our digestive system varies in each and every single human being on the planet. With this in mind, it’s important to recognise that when it comes to diet and nutrition, there is never one size fits all. Food is incredibly powerful, containing information that talks to our genes, turning them on and off and affecting their function from moment to moment. Even more fascinating, the timing of when we eat has been shown to have a significant impact on blood sugar, cholesterol ratios and the overall impact on our heart health. The good news here? We have the power to use food for our own good, and in turn improve a range of health markers such as inflammation and cell regeneration.


At Happiness Factory, we work with experts in this field to share the science behind nutrition, and its impact on various bodily functions including metabolism, circadian rhythm, digestive system, and even our reproductive system. 


The objective of Eat Happy is to discover how your body responds to what and when you eat, and ultimately optimise your gut microbiome to beat potential illnesses and improve any physical and mental functions that are related to your gut.


Move Happy

We all know that exercise is good for us, but too often the word exercise is synonymous with all things intense and sweaty. If we stop and take a moment to look at what exercise truly is, it’s simply the art of moving our bodies in a multitude of ways. 


And just as sleep and a good diet nourishes our body, so too does movement. When we move our bodies and allow the energy to flow through, we switch on all of our body’s and brain’s functions, as well as the happy hormones which leave us feeling oh so good. 


In addition to creating this wave of endorphins, movement has the ability to build our resilience to stressors - both environmental or emotional - and improve our mitochondrial function, known to be the foundation of a strong immune system. What’s more, movement is widely recognised as one of the most powerful interventions for preventing and managing depression and anxiety. 


It’s all of the above that creates the Move Happy pillar, designed to help you achieve a balanced and mindful pattern of daily movement. Rather than following an intense exercise routine, you will learn to listen to your body and respond intuitively based on your internal and external environments. Variety, much like with diet, is what your body thrives on so together we will experience many ways of moving - running, boxing, resistance training, yoga, pilates, dancing - to achieve a sense of balance in this area.

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Image by Daniel Hering

Feel Happy

Have you ever been so busy rushing around that you feel a sense of disconnect from the present and what you’re actually doing? In today’s ever-increasingly hectic world, we’re so busy being busy that our minds can struggle to keep up with our bodies, potentially leading to burnout and stress which in turn come with their own side effects including hormonal imbalances, fatigue, and high blood pressure. This is where we can harness the power of our mind.


Our brain health and our mood are the product of our lifestyle and well-being. We may not be able to control or change the events around us, but we do have the power to manage how we feel and respond to those events. The more grounded we are, the more resilient our mind will be in enduring the inevitable stresses that life throws at us. 


Feel Happy is the icing on the Eat Happy, Sleep Happy and Move Happy cake, providing you with a bag of additional tools focused on your mental well-being. Meditation, breathwork, sound healing and mindfulness therapies are a few of the examples of grounding practices which can bring your body into a calmer state, and through the Feel Happy pillar you will access the tools that are right for you. 


We work with a broad range of practitioners in this field whose methodology complements your nutrition, movement and sleep practices, therefore offering a fundamental sense of control in your happiness journey and daily life.


Happy Together

Happiness Factory brings together like-minded people who are all united in exploring how to be happier and healthier versions of themselves. With similar goals and shared common interests, these individuals come together to learn and grow through interactions with one another, as well as with our renowned wellness practitioners.


All of those within the Happiness Factory community inspire each other, have fun together, and ultimately become happier and healthier together.

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