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Happiness Factory presents...

#SleepHappy at Asia Society Hong Kong

4 September 2021 - SOLD OUT

breathwork | bodywork | yoga nidra | sound healing | expert panel chat | emotion tracking
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Delving Deep Into the Science of Sleep 

This was the first in a series of workshops about that all-important thing called sleep. Each workshop supported members and guests in improving the quality of their sleep, using a combination of health tech and functional medicine insights to explore the root cause(s) of possible sleep issues.

Our lifestyles can offer significant insights into what physiological, hormonal, psychological or behavioural factors may be affecting our sleep, and our panel of experts offered in-depth advice and insights into how we can navigate any potential issues. Additionally, we shared a range of practical wellness tools, such as breathing techniques and yogic sleep, that help to promote a better, deeper and more restful sleep. 

A Personalised Approach

As with anything related to health and wellbeing, each and every one of us is unique. Our bodies and minds are entirely different to every other human on the planet, meaning the more personalised the approach, the better.

Our physical and mental state can change daily depending on factors such as our environment, our hormones, our nutrition (and in turn our gut health), and of course, our sleep. Imagine if you had the tools to understand just how your mind and body responds to your environment, and as a result you were able to build up in-depth data about what does and doesn't work for you and only you. Well, imagine no more.

Sleep Testing

Having our own personal data at our fingertips allows us to go deeper and take action that is right for us. The more data we have about our own habits, the more insights we have as to how to improve any not-so-positive markers. For this reason, we have partnered with Belun Technology who gave all workshop attendees the option to undertake an in-depth sleep diagnosis, giving them 4 – 5 days of sleep tracking and a follow-up report and debrief.


All guests who attended the workshop were able to snap up this test at a special price of only $750 (RRP $1,500), providing extremely useful individual data and insights which enables us to delve deeper into a personalised approach to better sleep. 

Emotion Tracking

Emotions. Put simply, emotions are energy in motion. Scientifically, they are psychological states which occur in response to various neurophysiological changes. They are often subconscious - perhaps triggered by a memory or belief - and can bring about a range of thoughts and feelings which we may find challenging to understand. Imagine then if you had the power to understand your emotions, and in turn have the ability to manage them to achieve a more balanced and calmer state.


Upmood has created this first-of-its-kind wearable watch, using advanced biometric technology to detect a range of emotional states such as excited, anxious and calm, to then pinpoint emotional triggers and give users an insight as to how to improve their mood. And we are absolutely thrilled that Upmood were able to join us for the day - they were on hand to track the mood of each guest, and then provided insights and tips to use the data to optimise sleep. 

Rosalie e'Silva
Yoga Nidra & Sound Healing

Aigul Safiullina

Breathwork & Bodywork

Joyce Au-Yeung

Founder of Happiness Factory

breathwork | bodywork | yoga nidra | sound healing | expert panel chat | emotion tracking
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psychological &


factors that can

impact your sleep

Hack your

circadian rhythm and

track biometrics

such as heart rate

& breathing

Discover calming

tools to integrate into

your lifestyle such

as breathwork,

yoga nidra &


📍 Asia Society Hong Kong, 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty





Bodywork & breathwork with sound healing
Lunch at AMMO
Fireside chat
Sleep tech with Belun Technology
Yoga Nidra workshop


4Sept Schedule

Fireside Chat: Meet The Experts

Dr Laurena Law - Medical Doctor, Functional Medicine and Hormones Doctor

Dr Laurena is an experienced Medical Doctor trained in Functional Medicine and Bio-identical Hormone Therapy. She has a strong passion for holistic wellness and lifestyle medicine, and has helped many clients optimise their metabolism, hormones and physiology. Dr Laurena will be discussing physiological and hormonal issues surrounding sleep health.


Dr Adrian Low - Clinical Psychologist, TEDTalk Speaker, Published Author

As a Leading Psychologist who has been featured on NBC, CBS, FOX, Channel News Asia and major media channels in Hong Kong, Dr. Adrian is a Clinical Psychologist with a Doctor of Clinical & Industrial/Organisational Psychology. He is the President of the Hong Kong Association of Psychology, as well as a University lecturer at a number of leading institutions. More recently, Dr. Adrian has been elected as an advisor to the World Leaders for Mental Health. He will be sharing his expertise on the psychological factors impacting sleep, and providing tips and advice for managing the conditions.

4 Sept Experts

Dr Lydia Leung - Founder and CEO, Belun Technology

With a PhD in Electronic and Computer Engineering, Lydia founded Belun Technology with a vision to screen for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in the comfort of people’s homes, and the ability to track real-time progress of behaviour change.

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Mr Arthur Chan - Asia-Pacific Strategist, Altum International

Arthur covers cannabinoid research and regulations at Altum International. Altum operates to bring the benefits of cannabinoids back to the Asia-Pacific region. Altum operates Found, Hong Kong's first CBD-focused concept store and café, to educate people about cannabidiol (CBD) benefits, including its effects on mood and sleep.

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Mr Cavan Chan - Functional Medicine & Sleep Coach

Cavan is a sleep and nutrition coach who integrates the framework of neuroscience, nutrition, physiology, positive psychology and health tech to provide a holistic approach to his client’s sleep wellness.

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