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Happiness Factory

Eat Happy Move Happy Sleep Happy Feel Happy

Living a fast-paced and productive life shouldn’t come at the expense of self-care.

Take advantage of our specially curated community of "happiness" experts and join us at our next event!

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Activity-filled events that give you the opportunity to refresh and recharge


Immerse yourself in the Eat Happy, Feel Happy, Move Happy, and Sleep Happy principles with our team of expert practitioners and return home as the best version of yourself!

Our specialists actively guide you through activities such as yoga, gong baths, yoga nidra, meditation, journalling, cacao ceremonies, soulful cooking, and more.


Learn more about our past events and join us for the next one!


You shouldn't have to navigate Happiness alone! We create bespoke holistic wellness programmes based on our well-established "Four Pillar" program. Working with leading brands and expert practitioners—including some of Hong Kong’s top trainers, psychologists, doctors and health tech workers—we at Happiness Factory aim to integrate science and holistic practice to bring you to a place of optimal wellbeing. Our mission is to combine our resources to offer you a community that can be Happy Together.

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All too often, we tend to think of happiness in two ways:


1) Something we have to sacrifice for the sake of practicality, productivity, and a “successful” life.

2) The end goal or reward for all the hard work we are putting in now.

Happiness is neither of these things: Happiness is a state of mind that we can maintain while we go about our daily lives. It is something to be integrated into everything we do–it isn’t just reserved for “later”, nor is it something we need to “trade in” for so-called success.

We network with like-minded professionals who have expertise in each of the following areas. By taking advantage of our collective resources, you can strengthen each of the following pillars to create a foundation for happiness in your life.


Read more about each of our pillars and join us on our next in-person retreat!


Joyce Au-Yeung


Joyce is a corporate health & wellness leader and entrepreneur with a background in actuarial science and law. She has combined all of her skillsthe social, the quantitative, and the analyticalwith a passion for holistic wellness in the founding of Happiness Factory. She hopes to help individuals with lifestyles like hers to make space for health and calmness even in their busy lives. 


Dr. Steven Tucker


Originally trained as a breast cancer specialist at UCLA, Dr. Tucker focuses on performance, wellness, and the prevention and treatment of diseases, As a leader in digital health innovation, he advocates integrating information from multiple sources, such as personal genomics; social media; metabolic assessments; advanced imaging; and wearable activity trackers.

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Using your health data & biometrics to create a personalized plan

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Condensing a wealth of available health information into easily digestible pieces



Combining ancient Eastern holistic practices with modern Western functional medicine

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Collaborating ONLY with specialists we have personally vetted

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Hosting like-minded individuals at seminars, workshops, and retreats

Fists in Solidarity
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